Remote areas

Northern Quebec & Nunavik

Unparalleled construction & demolition expertise

Since 2009, DemAction has developed an expertise for intervening in remote areas that require particular planning and flawless organization. DemAction has realized several projects in the North of Quebec (Nunavik), the Lower North Shore, the James Bay region and the Magdalen Islands. Several of these projects were implemented in areas not serviced by road networks.

A certain number of these projects was concretized in an area that doesn’t have existing services by road networks; transport of personnel is mainly made by chartered aircraft and material transported by boat. In a lot of cases, shipment by vessel is only possible twice a year so careful planning and DemAction’s experience in that field are of utmost importance.

To perfect its expertise in logistics at remote areas, DemAction routinely uses the infrastructures of the Cacouna Marine Terminal and has acquired a plane as well as a storage building at the Rivière-du-Loup airport.

Our Strengths

Experience in unserved areas
Careful planning and flawless organization
Shipping logistics